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Pleasant Valley Productions is the in-house audio and video production company for Back 40 Group, Inc.  While we produce and market videos for our parent company, we also invite work from others. Whether you need a fully equipped production house for a major commercial, documentary or DVD, or just a 30 second product spot we can get the job done quickly, efficiently and at a cost effective price.   Here are some of our services:

Audio Recording and Engineering

Videography & Editing

CD & DVD Design, Manufacturing, Assembly & Distribution

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Pleasant Valley Productions is fully vertically integrated:  you can get everything you need from script and content development, to audio and video production, editing, and final manufacturing of the actual DVD's, all in one stop.

We can even promote, warehouse and ship your products if you need. When you need professionally done audio and/or video for your project give us a call to discuss your needs. 

You’ll be glad you did!

This corporate video for our parent company Back 40 Group is an excellent example of how Pleasant Valley Production's equipment and expertise can make a big difference in even the smallest of projects.  The late Paul Faulkenberry was the Mayor of Eminence Missouri and had a performance engagement out of town on a night an economic development plan was being present to local residents.  A top quality job needed to be done on-location at the Mayor's home. His busy schedule called for a minimum intrusion in to his schedule, yet his showcase home, well known in town, needed to look as good as a Hollywood set.  A soft-filter glass 4 x 4 filter was used on the shoot which was made in a single take from start to finish.

To ensure the highest quality image the shoot was made using one of our Sony HVR-Z1U hi-definition cameras.  A full Hollywood-style lighting set-up was used to control color temperature and to emphasize a warm, intimate quality.  The crew used Lowell Quartz portable lighting with suitable scrims, booms and color correction gels and filters to achieve the desired result.

As the subject was soft spoken the sound recordist used a high-end Sennheisser microphone equipped with a pop-eliminator, mounted on a boom and  hand held by the gaffer inches away from Mr. Faulkenberry's face, just out of the frame.  The camera's low noise level during operation was essential for best sound quality.

The "flip-style" title pages were generated in the editing suite and used a type style appropriate for a gentleman with the acting and musical experience of the subject.  Colors were "cloned" from the subjects clothing and from the colors used in the room and furniture.   The sound was a royalty-free original composition similar to Mr. Faulkenberry's performance style.

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