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Sound Sweetening
It is not always possible to achieve the best audio quality in the field or even video studio. In the field random outside sounds, such as a car horn or a light breeze, can intrude on a scene that cannot be retaken. Perhaps the narrator has a thin voice. Perhaps narration done in the studio is slightly too long or short. We can rectify all of these problems and more in our edit suite. This, of course, adds to our work load to complete your video. At your direction we can leave the sound quality as it is or we can perform our magic on the necessary parts for $50.00 per hour.
Royalty-Free Music Tracks
Most of the time you will want to include music in your video, especially during titles or credits. We charge a one-time fee of $50.00 per song used for the first 5 minutes or less, plus $5.00 per minute thereafter.

Special Effects
Special Effects covers work like creating 3-D titles, slow motion or sped up action, special scene transitions and so on. If you elect to have this type of work done you will be charged $75.00 per hour.
Title Effects
Extreme 3-D title effects with are charged at $100.00 per hour additional.
DVD Authoring
DVD encoding, 1 main DVD menu design and 1 sub menu design, play all feature, up to 10 custom chapter points with static thumbnails, or 6 with motion video thumbnails. Deluxe DVD encoding: $490
DVD Cover and Insert Design
You will need an insert to go inside your DVD case. Our Graphic Design Department can layout your cover including spine and back copy for just $290.00. Your design wraps around the box—from cover, to spine to back
DVD Production & Packaging
For disc printing, insert printing, assembly and packaging click the “CD and DVD” button on the left menu.
Studio Rental
You can rent our 30 x 40 studio for $100.00 per hour or $600 per 10 hour day including lighting equipment, and microphones and background support system. Consumable backgrounds are charged at our cost plus 25%. Canvas or green screen backgrounds are priced on our rental price list. Studio rental is in addition to the videography fees listed in our “Production Packages Section” and range from the day rates listed to $93.75 - $250.00 per hour for shorter projects. One hour minimum.

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